Absolut Unique – The Academy, Wednesday 17th October

Absolut, the sponsors of your favourite Dublin theatre festival, have decided to get a bit creative themselves and have roped in Star Slinger & Jacques Lu Cont to help.

See for yourself how 4 million unique algorithmically-generated bottles are made on the video down below. 

ABSOLUT VODKA proudly presents ABSOLUT UNIQUE – a truly unique limited edition of nearly four million uniquely designed and individually numbered bottles. Every bottle is a one-of-a-kind work of art – uniquely designed, individually numbered and decorated with vibrant colours and patterns. Launched worldwide and available on shelf in Ireland in early October, the striking bottles which contain ABSOLUT Original Vodka will be great collector items and gifts.

With the launch of ABSOLUT UNIQUE, ABSOLUT is taking the limited edition concept to the extreme. ABSOLUT guests will have the opportunity to experience this passion for creativity at an exclusive ABSOLUT UNIQUE launch party which take places in The Academy on Wednesday, October 17th. 500 guests will be encouraged to celebrate their uniqueness with live DJ performances from international DJs Star Slinger and Jacques Lu Cont. In addition, guests can create their own unique cocktails at the ABSOLUT candy bar, ‘mash-up’ their own unique playlist at the DJ booth and experience how the brand pushes the boundaries of experimental contemporary design and reaffirms its position as a creative visionary. Guests will have the chance to win tickets to attend the event through the ABSOLUT Ireland Facebook page.

ABSOLUT UNIQUE is a truly daring concept, even for a brand as passionate about creativity as ABSOLUT. To achieve this truly unique limited edition, ABSOLUT had to re-engineer its entire production line, adding human and mechanical interaction as well as carefully orchestrated randomness. Splash guns and colour-generating machines were set up, and complex coating, pattern and placement algorithms programmed in to ensure that no two bottles would be alike. Thirty-eight different colours were used, and fifty-one pattern types were applied to bottles. A striking look was achieved by blending colour contrasts and adding a white, mat paper label that features each bottle’s unique number.

“A lot of world-class creators have made their interpretations of our iconic bottle. But this time ABSOLUT was the artist. Our customers are all unique – so we wanted to give them each a one-of-a-kind bottle as individual as they are” said Jane Chmara, Marketing Manager, ABSOLUT VODKA Ireland


You can win tickets for the ABSOLUT UNIQUE event on Wednesday, October 17th in The Academy over at the ABSOLUT Ireland Facebook page.  

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