Rainfear, Tunedin52 – The Joinery, Friday August 5th

Rainfear & Tunedin52 play The Joinery this Friday & they’d like you to have a couple of free tickets.

Co-ordinated by David Donohoe, Rainfear is a loose arrangement of improvising musicians from Dublin, Ireland. Currently comprising David Donohoe, Fergus Cullen and Peter Maybury it can operate as any iteration of the three from individual solo to trio. It is also open to the addition of any number of other musicians. For this show at the Joinery David and Fergus will be performing as a synthesizer / woodwind duo.

A live CDr limited to 50 copies will be available free on the night.

March 09 no. 8 by Rainfear

Tunedin52 aka J.Daly
John Daly as Tunedin52 creates minimal atmospheric soundscapes. The aural experience is evocative, sublime, at times disturbing but always immersive and deeply moving. John’s story starts with the cultural revolution of the 60s – he was listening to Hendrix, grew his hair long and bought a Telecaster (his sister paid for it). But even then he was testing musical conventions and experimenting with sound. Sculpting sound from various sources (including his Aunt praying, as gaelige) he has adopted Soundcloud as his window to the world – “There is composed music, there are natural musical sounds, there is sound everywhere, there is noise, natural and composed. In listening there is mystery.”

Mary’s story by tunedin52

The Joinery
Friday 5th August
€8, BYOB

An email to [email protected] by midnight on Thursday with RTTICKETSPLEASE as the subject gets your name into the hat. Remember we need both your thumped.com username & your real name.


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