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Mar 21, 2007
What's the point if you can't eat it without deconstructing it and eating the parts individually?


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Could never get a table in Jo Burger. Not hip enough.

And then I discover that my 7 year old son and 6 year old daughter ate there last weekend with their aunt.

I've never had a problem with getting a table in Jo Burger and I don't know any of the memes or tweets that are hip with the kids these days. Thai green curry burger is amazing.
see, mcdonald's know exactly what works, and make their assembled burgers a convenient 1.5 inches thick to begin with
Bobo and Jo overthink what should be a simple food in my opinion.

There's room for all sorts of burgers in this world. Sometimes I want a simple cheeseburger with no faffing about, sometimes I want a baroque flavour monstrosity to get mangled up in my beard.

Bunsen FTW

Don't know this place but what a great name. Will need to make a trip into town soon methinks.

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