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Sep 8, 2003
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Petridis said:
The results are fetid and claustrophobic – even the sparsest songs feel weirdly airless – compounded by the bizarre, muffled production, one of the factors that led to Butler's departure three months before Dog Man Star's release. At its most straightforward, it simply took the crunching glam rock blueprint of Suede's debut album and turned everything from the guitars to Anderson's vocal mannerisms up to full blast: the singles We Are the Pigs and New Generation; The Asphalt World, a stately nine-minute exploration of ecstasy-driven infidelity that keeps fading and surging, not unlike the drug itself. At its weirdest, as on the grinding, monotonal, wilfully offputting opener Introducing the Band, it doesn't really sound like anything else at all: only Anderson's estuarine vowels identify it as the work of the band who'd made The Drowners and Metal Mickey.
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That was really enjoyable! A much easier listen than the reviews were saying. Very rich sounding all the same.

Pretty much the opposite of the all the other britpop 4-piece alsorans on TOTP peddling their 4 minute sub-popscene pop-rocker, although Sleeper do have their place in my heart.
I had it on cassette too. When the first album had been out for about 2 minutes a friend said they were his favourite band and his previous favorites had been EMF and Carter USM so I wrote them off but then I found myself liking everything I heard. Dave Fanning used play the asphalt world a lot and that was great. Also I remember reading in a magazine that they had replaced Bernard Butler with a guy who was about my age, that seemed amazing. Trash was the song that really won me over though.
I was listening to the demo versions of this today, it was interesting to hear a couple of the more pompous* sounding orchestrally songs being played as a rock band on wobbly tape. I see there’s also a live anniversary version of the album, will give that a go tomorrow.

*definitely not a criticism.
They should have used this for the album cover. Urban bohemian decadence.

A few listens down now.

Invariably i think its ok till it gets to New Generation and then i start thinking it's really good. I'm not good at taking as an album in isolation - but I kinda think stuff like new Generation that's essentially a motown song with the drugs written a lot clearer are what i like about it and them in general. I find it hard to not listen to 3/4's of it and then skip to Trash or Animal Nitrate - This actually sounds to me more like a comedown record from coming up.

I think if I was into them at the time i'd have a wider mental division between the two guitarist eras.
Oh side note

Seeing them do the movie/gig thing in GAlway a few years back was cool. It was an interesting show though being all new to me hard to process. After they did the movie they tore through a greatest hits set like they wrote them that morning and it was stunning, so fair play to them
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