Sexism & racism & homophobia, god help us (1 Viewer)

Well Tan's a maniac, no doubt about that but Makay is a fucking dickhead and a dinosaur. There's no lace for that kind of bullshit in football anymore thank christ. Not that I'm saying it isn't rife with it, I'm sure it is but when shit like this get's out in public the perpetrator is done.

He's finished. Tan knew exactly what he was doing, bond villain that he is and I have no sympathy whatsoever for Makay. Fuck him you reap what you sow.
It was just friendly banter, but now it's in the papers so I wouldn't hire him.
We all know people who do a bit of the aul racist, homophobic, sexist banter and they're not always monsters. But you run the risk, if you're caught you're out. So Mackay and Moody are stupid and should pay the price (execution). Maybe they're total dicks too.
Harry Redknapp offers bizarre defence of Malky Mackay.
‘He hasn’t murdered anyone, he hasn’t raped anyone and he is not a paedophile’.
QPR manager Harry Redknapp offered a bizarre defence of under-fire former Cardiff manager Malky Mackay, saying: “He hasn’t murdered anyone, he hasn’t raped anyone and he is not a paedophile.”
Mackay and his former head of recruitment Iain Moody are alleged to have shared racist, sexist and homophobic texts when they worked together at the Welsh club.
The Scot has apologised for the messages he sent but drew further criticism after a statement issued on his behalf by the League Managers’ Association on Thursday night said they were intended as “friendly text banter”. The LMA has subsequently apologised for the tone of its first statement.
News that the English Football Association was investigating the exchange prompted Crystal Palace to drop their interest in appointing Mackay as their new manager, but Redkapp does not believe these allegations “should finish his life”.
“What I would say is that Malky Mackay has made a big mistake,” Redknapp said.
“I don’t know the other lad (Moody) but what they have done is not right. Malky is a great lad, a family man and a real football man, he has made mistakes and people make mistakes in life.
“Suddenly everyone is an angel, he made a big mistake the lad but it shouldn’t finish his life. He is a good manager and I feel bad for what he has done but I bet no one is feeling as bad as him or his family today.
“I’m not condoning what he has done but show me someone who has ever made a mistake and I will show you a liar. He hasn’t murdered anyone, he hasn’t raped anyone and he is not a paedophile.”
With the cloud hanging over Mackay it could be difficult for the former Norwich and West Ham defender to find another managerial position any time soon.
But Redknapp wants to see him given a reprieve at some point in the future: “It is going to take time,” he said.
“People get second chances in life who have committed bad crimes – he has made a mistake but we aren’t going to hang him for it are we?
“Hopefully he will learn from what he has done but everyone does the tweeting and texting. I don’t send text messages, but I do receive them with sick jokes. I don’t read them, they make me ill.
“He is a good person underneath all that and I hope he comes back, I can’t feel how he must be suffering for the big mistake he has made.”
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