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Mino Raiola definitely died yesterday (1967 - 30 March 2022).
I certainly won't miss him.
Ivica Osim (1941 - 1 May 2022)
Yugoslav / Bosnian footballer and manager.
A child of WW2 and Tito's Yugolsavia, Osim had a diverse, mostly non Yugoslav ethnic background.
He played for his hometown club Zeljeznicar in Sarajevo but also in Holland and had a long spell France.
Midfielder Osim won 16 caps (8 goals) for Yugoslavia (1964-69) and was an unused squad member for the 1968 Euro Finals where Yugoslavia lost a Final replay to hosts Italy.

Osim also studied mathematics and was one several managers at Italia 90 with a doctorate.

After retiring with Strasbourg in 1978, Osim spent 8 years managing Zeljeznicar before becoming Yugolsav coach in 1986 after Zeljeznicar reached the 1985 UEFA Cup semi final.

In 1987 Yugoslavia won the World Youth Championships (four of 'em went on to play for Real Madrid) and by Italia 1990 an exciting crop of world class players were beginning to peak.
After a poor performance against champs elect West Germany, Yugoslavia beat Colombia, the UAE and a more fancied Spain before facing Argentina for a place in the semis with Italy.
In a tense match in Florence despite having Sabanadzovic sent off in the first half only Osim's side looked like scoring and it remained 0-0 and went to penalties.

Osim was famous for not watching penalty shootouts and left the pitch for the dressing room.

Maradona was among the five players who failed to convert but Sergio Goyocohea saved two kicks and Stojkovic hit the bar sending home a Yugoslavia side who would never play together in a tournament finals again.

In the qualfiers for Euro 92 Yugolsavia were the best team in Europe and Red Star Belgrade also were European champs in 1991 but by the time qualification was confirmed in autumn 1991 Yugolsavia was beginning to fall apart.
In the run up to the tournament Bosnian and Croatia players refused to join the team (Slovenia's independence was already confirmed in summer 1991).
Osim himself resigned in May 1992 citing the bombing of his home city after the Bosnian war began on 6 April. Then at very short notice Yugoslavia were expelled from Euro 92 and their group runners up Denmark replaced them and won the tournament.

A documentary about this Yugoslavia team was titled 'What Could Have Been'.
Players at Osim's disposal included Croatians Alen Boskic, Robert Jarni, Davor Suker, Robert Prosinecki, Zvonimir Boban; Dragan Stojkovic (Serbia) Darko Pancev (Macedonia) Srecko Katanec (Slovenia) Safet Susic (Bosnia) Predag Mijatovic and Dejan Savicevic (Montenegro).

Osim had also been managing Partizan Belgrade in 1991-92 before having further success at Panathinaikos and won two Austrian titles with Strum Graz before he moved on to Japan.
After coaching JEF Unied Chiba, Osim became Japan manager in 2006. He was hugely popular in Japan where a book of his quotes sold 400,000 copies.
Ivica suffered a stroke in late 2007 in Japan. He retired and was in poor health for the rest of his life.

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probably getting lost in history now how famous Waterman was in the UK in the 1980's.
when they were younger Terry n Arfur turned up on TV or Hammer films playing toffs.

I just read Rula Lenska's wiki. didn't know about that. Waterman admitted hitting her but didn't get the gravity of what he did :(
was going to post him singing I Could Be So Good For You (Minder theme) but don't feel like it now
Minder was such a part of my childhood.
I remember when George Cole died watching some of the early episodes.
postcards from the past - a London decrepit and falling apart.
Never really liked waterman in anything else though
Truly tragic

The kid had it tough from the get-go

That is a rough start, a super-famous Dad that doesn't want to know you

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