Max Tundra + Spectac (1st Aug - Sugar Club) & Cylob + Formika (2nd Aug - Whelans) (2 Viewers)

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Apr 17, 2003
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Alpha Relish presents...

Friday August 1st, 2003

The Sugar Club (Lwr. Leeson St.)

MAX TUNDRA (DJ set) 10:00 – 11:30
Spectac (Live) 9:00 – 10:00

Adm. 7.50 Doors: 8:00


Ben Jacobs was lucky enough to grow up in a house with a piano. As a child he protested about the lessons in which he was forced to learn the music of the famous (dead) composers. “I used to prefer sitting at the keyboard at home and playing tv theme songs and music from adverts”, remembers Ben. Eventually he realised that this expanse of black and white keys could be turned to his own advantage and he began forming his own musical inventions.

One day, the teenage Ben bought a Commodore Amiga 500 home computer. Armed with this and a £1 piece of music software, he began to explore the world of electronic composition. Eventually he got so good at using this cheap set-up that Warp Records released his first single “Children At Play”; an energetic, if lengthy, instrumental romp created with these lo-fi means and sent to the label as a demo tape. “Warp were the only label who were interested in my first tune,” says Ben. “I sent my demo tape to fifty labels in all, but most people freaked out. A couple of guys made the bizarre criticism that I had too many ideas.” This criticism has frequently dogged Max Tundra (as he was hereby renamed), in a musically diverse, eclectic career where time signatures, musical genres and instrumentation have been given the thorough shake-up they have long needed.

A debut album “Some Best Friend You Turned Out To Be” and three subsequent singles for Domino Recordings have given the world a set of dense, multi-textured, emotionally-charged tunes, each of which has a different story to tell. “My working methods for each composition tend to vary every time. Often my music contains no electronics at all, and I greatly enjoy learning as many musical instruments as possible, so as to make my records stand out from those made by totally computer-based musicians.” As well as his trusty Amiga (which he still does all his sequencing on today, having vowed never to use a laptop to make music), Max Tundra’s records have variously featured himself playing drums, trumpet, banjo, cello, piano, guitars, violin, recorders, synthesizers, melodica, Fender Rhodes, xylophone, bass guitar, oven door, egg-slicer and even a recording of an ancient clock in the British Museum in London.

Max Tundra has recently completed his second long player “Mastered by Guy at The Exchange”, out now on the Domino and tigerbeat6 labels. However, the phrase “long player” is something of a misnomer; once again, the album clocks in at less than 45 minutes. Max explains: “In the old days, you would rarely get an album which was longer than three quarters of an hour. This was due to the limitations of the single vinyl LP. Now that CDs have been invented, musicians all over the world feel obliged to bombard their public with 74 minutes of music at a time. This frequently leads to albums cluttered up with boring stuff, leaving people reaching for the skip-button of their CD players. I try and spend as long as possible ensuring that every track on a Max Tundra record is totally necessary. Most of the classic albums in history are single pieces of vinyl.”

Anyone who heard Max’s instrumental debut album will be pleasantly surprised to learn of the appearance of vocals on his new record. In fact, every track on “Mastered by Guy at The Exchange” contains singing (except for “61over” which contains a conversation). The singing voices are provided by Ben himself and his sister Becky. “She’s been blessed with a beautiful voice. I use hers whenever the pitch of the song is slightly too high for me.” The mixture of instrumentation, styles and textures is as vivid as ever, with a few more reference points to existing forms of music than before. Brassy opener “Merman” isn’t a million miles away from the sassy swingtime big bands of the 1950s. “Lysine”, the first single to be taken from the new album, and Max’s poppiest number to date, recalls the detailed programming of R&B producers The Neptunes, whilst album track “Hilted” owes more to 80s English pop-psychers XTC. The final track “Labial” gives this LP its grand, epic closure. These warm, emotive, uplifting songs will capture your spirit, pour it over ice, and serve it back to you at the best disco in town (where you won’t get turned away for liking both Destiny’s Child and Frank Zappa). Incidentally, there’s no dress code either.


“A lot more enticing and instantly gratifying than much of the computer-generated boredom that this genre is so often guilty of mass-producing.” - Rock Sound

“Ludicrously enjoyable…buy it” - The List

“A part-played, part-programmed pop’n’funk torrent destined to win new admirers, as long as they can keep up.” - Mojo

“So precisely orchestrated you suspect he must use a scalpel, but there’s nothing remotely clinical about this heart-warming, ear-bending exploration of the infinite possibilities of sound…utterly brilliant.” - Time Out

“A genuine attempt to find new permutations in electronica.” - Uncut

“Although it’s certainly more likely to appeal to the adventurous listener everyone should check out ‘Mastered…’ to see how one man can create an entire sonic universe of his own.” - Slant

“If Beefheart and Zappa had used samplers…” - DJ

“A delicacy for your aural tastebuds.” - Absorb

“Completely charming, by turns amazing and thorougly musical, sweet and funny.” - Sleaze Nation

“Intriguingly bonkers.” - Metro

“An album which has more ideas per minute than most of his contemporaries can manage over the course of a career.” - BBCi

“Refreshing and cliché-free.” - Q

“Revels in sweet, fractured pop excess of a kind Saint Etienne and Stereolab stopped striving for years ago. Impossible to sleep through, talk over or ignore.” - The Wire

“A shot in the arm and a slap round the head.” - NME

“Totally nuts and totally adorable.” - Big Issue In The North

“More warmth than many leftfield knobbers can conjure up.” - PlayLouder

“It shouldn’t work but it does.” - Bizarre

“More ideas in six minutes than Squarepusher has had in years…a tonic of an album to jaded ears.” - Seven

“This record shows the breadth of his creativity, yet it's accessible, catchy and brilliantly simple. A massive achievement.” - Pitchfork

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Alpha Relish presents...

Saturday August 2nd, 2003

Whelans (Wexford St.)

CYLOB (DJ set) 10:00 – 11:30
Formika (Live) 9:00 – 10:00

Adm. 7.50 Doors: 8:00


Another product of Richard "Aphex Twin" James' Rephlex stable, Chris Jeffs' releases as Cylob and Kinesthesia have numbered among the Cornwall-based imprint's most celebrated recent releases. Not nearly as prolific as his friends and sometime-labelmates James and Mike Paradinas (µ-Ziq), Jeffs has nonetheless amassed an impressive catalog of releases in a relatively short period of time. Although he only began experimenting with electronics in 1991, within five years Jeffs released three EPs and three full-lengths -- including the cheeky DJ double-pack Loops and Breaks (as Cylob) and the sparse ambient of Empathy Box (as Kinesthesia) -- in addition to remixes for Aphex Twin, Bochum Welt, and Immersion. Although focusing more recently on a refined brand of ambient breakbeat and techno, Jeffs' stylistic palette includes crunchy, industrial-leaning techno, beatless ambient, and new-school electro-funk. [See Also: Kinesthesia]

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Coming soon from Alpha Relish…

- American Heritage + Foe + Art Of Burning Water (The Sugar Club, 10th of October)

--[ This show will be preceded by a screening of ‘Music For Adults’, a documentary on the devastating Oxbow, recent guests of Alpha Relish to these shores.
About the film…
Like those famed tornado chasers, filmmaker Christian Anthony pursued art rock heavies OXBOW through 5 countries, 2 fistfights and a treasure trove of shows to come back with a document that is all at once profane, dangerous, funny, suicide and rage-inducing, and finally the most succinct take on artistic obscurity that has graced a screen for awhile. Like the anti-Pennebaker, Anthony scores with a film that no one will care about, about a band no one cares about, for an experience that everyone will care about.
Trailer at: Adults only!!! ]--

- Melt Banana (Japan) + Daemien Frost + xKnifedx (The Village, 5th of November) *

- Circle (Finland) + Support (TBC) (Whelans, 27th of November) *

Tickets for the shows marked * are on sale now from Road Records, 16B Fade Street, Dublin 2. Tickets will be available from Freebird, Sound Cellar, Comet, City Discs etc over the coming weeks.

**Note: The Japanese New Music Festival featuring Ruins, Acid Mothers Temple & more scheduled for the 20th of October in The Village is CANCELLED! Anyone who bought tickets can obtain a refund from point of purchase.

Please forward this to anyone who might be interested.

Only love,
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you cannot beat stoner sex... you dare call me alpha relish when we're doing it, i'll totally scribble all in your hair an' all...

muddymae said:
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muddymae said:
i have to go do some work now,

and me all turned on


go on the snakey! :D

hi-5 *schmak*

well, that's all made my monday so much more bearable... squack, thankyou for the jokes, muddymae, thankyou for proving my mickey still works despite the weekend's activities, snakey, thankyou for bein' there... ken dodd... ha ha ha :mad: not a patch on scribbler pants, you been quiet, i can tell you're savin' the funnies for tomorrow :)

hi-5 *schmak* pants, you treatin' us mean and keepin us keen, like you would the ladies? respeck! *schmak*

you know what the best thing about mondays is? you always got a bottle of red wine left over from the weekend... i can almost taste it... drool. goodnight everybody, sweet dreams of whoever you want.


jesus, where's andy???

snakybus said:
ken dodd, he's got sticky-out hair

best photo I could find:
herr hagbert - your mails get blocked by Mailsweeper in here... with this one, it was because of:
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ehh yeah that's really interesting isn't it?
The Oxbow one:
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