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shut up and take my money max brenner

oh dear. sorry I was wrong. coffee sounds like green veg in comparison.

Let's nip this nonsense in the bud with this conclusively comprehensive list BASED ON SCIENCE

the words 'may' and 'could' both came up multiple times in this. but fair enough if all this is true.
'performance enhancing' is true. at once stage caffeine based supplements were banned in cycling.

being serious - I'd rather stick to water than drink several cups of tea or coffee a day.
and I'd rather actually do something than sit around having hot drinks.
for the record going out for meals doesn't appeal to me either. I just like to talk to people. there's no need for the food.
Brother Hubbard south is nice. Dough Boys also. I'm sure there's more I can't think of.

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Today I’m having a Teriyaki duck bento box from Ninja Sushi on Lombard St. Will report back on this particular item but it’s a good spot for lunch in general.
Was in a rush so got two of the pre-prepared sushi boxes from this place today. Normally these things are stale when you get them from the supermarket or other sushi places like Kokoro but these were really good. I got a box of salmon rolls and another with prawn and avocado. Recommended.
Not in Dublin but I had a burger and chips in Urban Square, the Maynooth University cafe. Student food at student prices, not bad at all especially given that I got that and hot drinks for three people for the same price as my food alone yesterday.

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