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In what might be an unpopular opinion (and I cannot speak to the Kele-Bloc-Party situation, but I think most people on here - and elsewhere - would think it terrible, if true) - I loved Lydon's autobiography No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs - it definitely helped explain some things - and I also think that his unwavering love and care for his wife is quite beautiful. Actually, very beautiful. And I really hope he does get that Eurovision thing going, at least it wouldn't be tepid. And so much now is so tepid. I also think I like the word 'tepid'.
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I have a lot of time for Lydon. Sometimes I agree and sometimes I don't but he brings the entertainment.

Pretty much don't care for PIL bar a few songs.
I am making a commitment to you all that I will remain committed to my German publishing heiress wife (actual wife to be named later) for as long as she needs

Not to be cynical (which is my cute dodge for being actually cynical) but does anyone think he's in there every day changing out bedclothes and washing her and all that and preparing meals?
I don't think that's how rich people do.
If you have a loved one who has Alzheimer's, it's the emotional load, not the washing load, that fucks you up.
I'm living with it
It is rough for everyone involved, which it sounds like you know about

This guy rubs me the wrong way though, so I'm more apt to be cynical about his story
Probably doesn't paint me in the best light
It's a great book but also 20 years ago before his butter, Brexit and Trump days. :ROFLMAO:
Lydon wrote another bio since called Anger Is An Energy in 2014.
he will still in his post IACGMOOH and butter advert stage. after the early 80's the book got quite boring but this first few decades were a great read.

John for all his faults clearly loves Nora to bits.
Ari Up had an up and down relationship with them. she did things like went off to live with (real) tribes and as good hearted as Ari was Nora and John were concerned for her boys who were growing up in Jamaica.
When Ari died (after refusing conventional cancer treatment). Nora and John had already adopted Ari's two older boys and I think Ari had a younger son they also raised.

Lydon has a complicated relationship with Ireland and Irishness but than that's the same for everything else with him. he likes being a contrary outsider.
one of my mum's best friends was recently diagnosed with what seems to be a really rapid onset dementia. the poor woman has had a insanely tough few years; i don't know if there's any link between stress and that sort of issue, but if there is, she was ripe for it.
one of my mum's best friends was recently diagnosed with what seems to be a really rapid onset dementia. the poor woman has had a insanely tough few years; i don't know if there's any link between stress and that sort of issue, but if there is, she was ripe for it.
can play a role in its onset and progression AFAIK, partially as it can impact physical health more generally.
my wife used to work in a nursing home and possibly her single greatest tool in dealing with people with dementia was singing to them.
and also the head nun taking clients off medication that they'd snowballed over the years; one of her favourite residents was a woman who arrived in who had been catatonic for months; within a couple of weeks of her arriving (and the nun reducing her daily pills by about half) the only thing she needed help with was brushing her hair.
I was also a carer for my gran when he was alive and had dementia. Tough work.

I just spotted that there's a Letterkenny native in the running for the Eurovision. Much better option than My Lydon.

That Leila Jane song is the only one I've heard apart from the PiL one, and unfortunately it's quite poor. She's got a great voice, and it's wasted on that song and the production on it is shit. It's boring really, just more of the same at-least-10-years-behind-everybody-else pop trash Ireland has been trying to sell for years.
The PiL song is quite nice, and I imagine it's probably the best one on offer as far as our choices for Euroshit go, but it's also unfortunately a bit boring - it's very monochrome.
Lydon can fuck off, there are millions of better way for people to spend time than listening to the fucking bullshit con artists like that will spout just to try and maintain their sense of relevance. Have you ever felt like you've been cheated? Yes, every time you've given an opinion on anything in the last 30 years or so.
I listened to the rest of them there.
There's one song that is almost really good, by Connolly, whoever that is. Maybe it's the best on offer, unfortunately it doesn't go anywhere with the nice sound it has and it's repetitive. It sounds like it has the most potential out of all of them though, although it's also easy to just say it sounds like an updated Cranberries.
The Wild Youth song is just more of the same boring old shit we've been doing for years.
There's a rap song that like maybe people who like that stuff would like, but it would never get past the semi-final if it was chosen, and would quite possibly finish last. So by Father Ted logic, that's the one we'll choose...
There's another song by 'Adgy' or something which again is just more of the years-behind-the-times pop shit, although this one only sounds 5 years behind rather than 10 years behind (it's basically just a rip of Dadi Freyr, nothing original there).
Alright we get it, you don't care, you don't care at all. The wordcount proves it.

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