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Been to too many electric picnics. Probably 7 or 8 of em. I enjoyed a drink with scutter (as he was known at the time) at one of them. Seen the Beastie boys twice. Had way too much fun. Done bold things etc.

I'm defo more into the city festivals these days. Real beds and real food and better bands for the most part.
oh yeah, at the Body and Soul stage. Good times ❤️
I can't help thinking that most people posting about going to EP went for free.

Though I've seen most of your bands there, so fair enough I suppose.
I went three times on VIP freebies which was nice, twice with a small child. She lost interest when she was 4, also I stopped getting tickets… Drove down each day and home again each night. Camping is for losers.
Also. The fucking security taking beer off the "artists". Fuck that shit. If I'm not getting paid I reserve the right to take my own booze in.
Some snotty little security guard getting tetchy with me because I was getting tetchy with them for checking my wristband for the 100th time-even though I'm carrying a guitar and pedal case. "I'm just doing my job", he said.

"Me too" you cunt..

I wish I'd said.
I paid for all but one EP visit and that one I did a soldering workshop at for the Science Gallery. My facebook memories tell me it was 9 years ago and the last one I went to.
I used to love the Saturday and Sunday afternoon thing at the picnic, wandering around the main stage, bumping in to little circles of my friends on the grass, quietly pacing themselves into oblivion.

I worked at a good few of them, mostly doing backline on the main stage, and it was always fun. The bad part, which after a couple of years I would begin to dread before the thing had even started, was the getout at the end, where literally the only people left on site are you and 20 other rain-soaked dickheads being shouted at by coke-addled lighting hire guys, but had its significant upsides too. I played a few too, which was really great. The tightening up of the guest passes for bands, and drink stuff was miserable skinflintery, and more than once I was in bands who got asked but didn't go...the last time I was asked there was no fee and only a stupid day pass. The first time was so different...weekend pass for my brother, day passes for my parents, who got driven on site to the tent, a dressing room for a few hours before and after the gig, and a huge stack of beer. Oh man.
I remember chatting to a lad about 10 years ago, it was a couple of days before ep. He said he was djing at it. I was like “oh, that’s cool. Free ticket in”
He replied “well, it won’t be free but I do get a discount “

I thought it was the height of shitiness on the part of the promoters
The first year we went (sunny) after setting up the tent on friday we just wondered down towatds the stages. After passing a few security types on the outskirts of the arena, we soon realised we were in the middle of the venue before anyone else had been let in. There was like an American vaudeville band shouting at us from the main stage that we were their best fans (we weren't). But the weekend continued along those lines. Brilliant craic.

The following year, in the pissings of rains, a bunch of Scottish cunst tried to tell us where we could and couldn't go. A load of young ones told them to get fucked and knocked the gates down. Proper order. But the chilled out family vibe of the previous year was long gone. Can't remember much. I think Malkmus played one of the small tents and no one cared. So fuck you electric picnic.

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