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23 april Milan, Italy: 26 april Vienna, Austria: 27 april Munich, Germany: 29 april Hanover, Germany: 30 april Groezrock, Belgium: (unconfirmed at the moment)


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Dag Nasty "Cold Heart" b/w "Wanting Nothing" 7" Out This Spring
This spring, Dischord will release a new two-song single by Washington, DC's Dag Nasty. For this session, the band returned to its original lineup: guitarist Brian Baker, singer Shawn Brown, bassist Roger Marbury, and drummer Colin Sears. The songs were recorded in December of 2015 at Inner Ear Studios with Don Zientara and Ian MacKaye. This single marks the first time that this lineup of Dag Nasty has been in the studio together since October 1985, almost exactly 35 years ago.


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Who'd do it? say they cost a fair bit for the smaller/diy promoters. Doubt they'll be enough of a draw for bigger promoters.


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Could possibly pull some people out of the woodwork.
I'd imagine would be similar pull wise to something like Negative Approach. Possibly better as the records were around easily for longer.

Wouldn't be holding my breath on it happening though.

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