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Should be one with it. At least there was when I downloaded it (if I remember right) A variation on the Can I Say sleeve.


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Dischord are supposed to be reissuing Can I Say with with Shawn Brown on vocals. (Although it's more than likely just the demos with him)

Anarcho Munk

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Some class video's of the Gerunds (lead singer was in Dag Nasty) being joined with Brian Baker playing some Dag Nasty tunes!



Now Is Go
This is pretty great alright...i only heard these a while back......they're brilliant.

Anarcho Munk

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The Gerunds have some pretty sweet tunes as well, yer man from Julie Ocean was in them for a while and wrote all the songs.

Tony Ramone

you're back! :D

Actually, I'm sure I heard a couple of years ago that Dave Smalls had become a right wing reclusive nut, but that might have just been american punk kids trying to be funny on another forum...

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