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He's busy with Dag Nasty,Bad Religion,Junkyard and pretty sure there was another band,so I'd doubt it. But who knows?


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Field Day (Members of Dag Nasty) Announce Dates/Venues For Summer/Fall Shows
Wig Out 2.0 Tour Kicks off July 12 in DC
New Music Expected in 2020
Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 4.17.55 PM

Photo credit: Ken Salerno​
field day tour
Members of pioneering band Dag Nasty will play select shows as Field Day starting in July. The tour will include stops in DC (July 12), NJ (Juy 13), Los Angeles (Aug 23), Quebec (Sep 7), and two shows in Chicago (Nov 8 & 9). See dates/venues below.
Perhaps the most notorious outcasts of the Dag Nasty franchise to date, Doug Carrion and Peter Cortner performed on Dag Nasty’s landmark recordings 'Wig Out at Denko’s' (Dischord Records) and 'Field Day' (Giant Records). These recordings are credited as cornerstones of what was eventually termed melodic hardcore, and inspired new bands like Pennywise and Rise Against.
During a 2018 conversation between founding member Brian Baker (Bad Religion), Doug, and Peter regarding how best, if at all, to perform live versions of songs from those albums, it was agreed Doug and Peter would forge ahead under the name Field Day, to avoid confusing Dag Nasty fans or promoters.
Now joined by Mark Phillips (Down by Law), Field Day has announced a series of shows this summer and fall, with new music to follow in 2020.
Carrion refers to Field Day as “a perfect time to revisit previous material for the fans, and a way to continue exploring music.”​
JUL 12 Black Cat- Washington, DC Tickets
JUL 13 CrossRoads- Garwood, NJ Tickets
AUG 23 Viper Room- West Hollywood, CA Tickets
SEP 7 Envol et Macadam Festival- Quebec City, QB
NOV 8 LiveWire Lounge - Chicago, IL Tickets
NOV 9 LiveWire Lounge - Chicago, IL Tickets


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(Definitely would have preferred a different singer)


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nuke terrorist

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early dag live shows the you die hards will have already seen -
DAG NASTY first show August 1985
85-86 was one of the first hardcore LP's i ever bought.

Shawn Brown was by far the band's best singer.
the first demo is great - punchy, tuneful HC songs, with Shawn's
aggressive vocals adding a big kick to the angry, angsty lyrics.
brilliant example of how great melodic HC should be.

another 1985 DAG show @ 9:30 Club

nuke terrorist

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no actually, they are a bit more emo to my ears and never met my expectations.
remember when SWIZ reformed as SWEETBELLY FREAKDOWN (!)

this might be a good time to listen to SWIZ again, but they were definitely less HC.

nuke terrorist

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first DAG demo as i said is amazing.
don't like Smalley, so prefer Shawn's versions.
after that i don't like DAG to be honest.

have been listening to some SWIZ songs and live set above, since i last
posted and it's good stuff.
not quite as great as early DAG with Shawn (the more 'modern' sound is
the only real drawback - not my thing).
but i'll at least seek out the SWIZ discography CD.

the discography CD on Jade Tree came out in 1993 about the time i bought
85-86 LP. Chris Dodge gave it a great review in MRR #124 Sept 1993.
(also one the first MRR's i bought) basically he's right:

SWIZ - No Punches Pulled CD
" I was never "into" this band. Guess I just lumped 'em in with the other
D.C.ster's and chalked 'em up as Emocore Band #4082. Once again I've proven
I'm a yutz cuz now that I sit down and listen to this collection of all of their
previous releases, I'm ashamed that I didn't pay attention sooner. This is all
punchy, memorable and butt-slappin' high energy hardcore not heard since the
likes of the 1st DAG NASTY LP. But since most of the 29 songs have one word
titles, I somehow feel they've been listening to too much GARY NUMAN." (CD)

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