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Referendum 2012: It's On

Discussion in 'Politics' started by scutter, Feb 28, 2012.


How will you vote in the Fiscal Stability Treaty Referendum 2012

Poll closed May 31, 2012.
  1. Yes

    3 vote(s)
  2. No

    9 vote(s)
  3. Abstaining

    1 vote(s)
  4. Spoiling vote

    0 vote(s)
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  1. scutter

    scutter BANNED for bein a prick Supporter

    so we're getting our referendum.

    vote no if you think the government are cunts

    Thats how it works, right?

  2. pete

    pete chronic procrastinator Staff Member

    this is going to be interesting...
  3. Cryptid

    Cryptid New Member

    No first time, yes second time?

    On the face of it a single currency probably needs fiscal oversight and a certain amount of tax harmonisation. That said, this seems to be us just voting for more austerity (which imho equates to transferring wealth to the financial sector, hedge funds, multinationals etc). It doesn't seem to offer fiscal union, it doesn't transfer power to the European Parliament, it's just seems to be an agreement to muddle on as before, led by Germany and France.
  4. Scientician 0.8

    Scientician 0.8 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Hahaha I can't wait. I feel like voting no just to be a bollocks. Shower of cunts.
  5. pete

    pete chronic procrastinator Staff Member

    I doubt you'll be alone!
  6. scutter

    scutter BANNED for bein a prick Supporter

    I'll be voting no. I don't know much about what we're voting on, but I'll be voting no.
  7. GO

    GO Well-Known Member Supporter

    The Germans are sound though.I used to love drinking there
  8. magicbastarder

    magicbastarder Well-Known Member

    i've heard lots of comment that sinn fein will (unwittingly) deliver a yes vote. too much of middle ireland who will not be able to find themselves siding with the shinners.
  9. Theodore Kaczynski

    Theodore Kaczynski Well-Known Member

    They're the second biggest party in the country according to the latest polls so they have a substantial enough support themselves.Also the afore-mentioned 'fuck europe/the government' attitude probably will ensure we get a 2nd chance to vote on this.
  10. magicbastarder

    magicbastarder Well-Known Member

    they're the second biggest party, but i suspect no other party has as strong an 'anyone but...' sentiment to cope with.
    it would make me ill to have to vote along the lines they suggest.
  11. Diddles

    Diddles Well-Known Member


    Bring it on.
  12. Theodore Kaczynski

    Theodore Kaczynski Well-Known Member

    Possibly Fianna fail!?
    Very good point but still,if they're polling at 25% and manage to convert those numbers into no votes,the battle will be half won.
  13. Shaney

    Shaney Well-Known Member Supporter

    Has there been any mention of when this referendum might take place?
  14. 7 - No tomorrow

    7 - No tomorrow Moderater Contributor Supporter

    Hard to say. Likely in May/June.

    Probably before the Eucharistic Congress in June and after the French Presidential election which drags on through April into May, I think.
    If the guy running against Sarkozy gets in he might pull the plug on the whole compact, so they might wait to see what happens there.
  15. scutter

    scutter BANNED for bein a prick Supporter

    the more I hear about this referendum the less of a clue I have as to what its about.

    and the less of a clue I have the more determined I am to vote against it.

    good job government
  16. Cryptid

    Cryptid New Member

    Must get registered for this! http://www.checktheregister.ie/PublicPages/Default.aspx?uiLang=

    The referendum is on Thursday the 31st of May. I think to be on the safe side, one would need to submit the form by the 11th of May (a Friday). That's two weeks, plus two days for Sundays, plus the weekend. I don't know what the official closing date for receipt of forms is tbh, but according to: http://www.dublincity.ie/YourCouncil/VotingandElections/Pages/RTV.aspx :

  17. Psycho Punk

    Psycho Punk Active Member

    Picket on this conference Friday – Gate of Dublin Castle – off Dame St - 4:30 onwards.

    No to the Permanent Austerity Treaty! For a referendum on the ESM.

    All welcome.

    A political union now? Towards a more integrated Europe - A Panel of European Affairs Ministers


    ENDA KENNY, Taoiseach of Ireland and President of Fine Gael

    Chaired by LUCINDA CREIGHTON TD, Minister for European Affairs, Ireland

    INIGO MENDEZ DE VIGO, Minister for European Affairs, Spain

    MIGUEL MORAIS LEITAO, State Secretary for Europe, Portugal

    DAVID LIDDINGTON, Minister for Europe, United Kingdom
  18. scutter

    scutter BANNED for bein a prick Supporter

    I've decided I shall abstain from voting in this referendum. For these reasons;

    - I haven't a clue what its about
    - both Yes and No campaigns are solely opting to play on peoples' fears. They are not presenting facts, they are trying to scare people to vote the way they want.
    - from what I can gather people are being told how to vote by their union or by whatever organisation they belong to. This is not democratic. Why would a union tell people how to vote? People should be allowed make up their own mind.

    Thus this referendum is a complete waste of time, whatever its about.
  19. Psycho Punk

    Psycho Punk Active Member

    I'm not playing on your fears but if you vote Yes then you are agreeing to let Alien Lizards decide on your destiny. They will eat you if they feel peckish. You will be pursued around Stephens Green by a sentient Komodo, cornered and eaten.
  20. magicbastarder

    magicbastarder Well-Known Member

    komodos are a bit more slackerish than you imply. they bite you, and let the filth in their mouths kill you (they have incredibly filthy mouths), and let you die and fester a bit, so you're nice and and tender when they start ripping the flesh off your bones.
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