The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages – A Little Less

New video for A Little Less, taken from The Middle Ages‘ debut LP, Knightmare

Originally intended to be 12 songs long, Knightmare‘s recording plans were overtaken by recent events. The band pressed on, and instead are bringing us a 6 track LP that clocks in at under 20 minutes. No less capable, though.

You can stream or download Knightmare on a pay-what-you-like basis via The Middle AgesBandcamp page from today (Tuesday May 12th) , and it will of course also be available from your preferred streaming service of choice.

The Middle Ages are a rock band from Ireland. Knightmare is six dark adventures. A Little Less is about empathy. Wet Clothes is about insomnia. Hate Is Easy is about equality. Sick is an eyeroll for peace. Busy Looking Busy tells the story of a shut in at a party and They Can’t All Be Winners is straight up complaint rock that begins “Art’s not a competition”.

It was six songs waiting for six more to be recorded. The ‘rona scrapped those plans. So the album that was always going to be called Knightmare became a tight, sub 20 minute collection. And it’s sort of a joy.

The Middle Ages - Knightmare

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The Middle Ages looks like an apt choice of name

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This record is so full of hooks that I’ve been waking up singing Knightmares for days!

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This is *fantastic*

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Lili Marlene


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Am thoroughly enjoying this track. Just putting on the album now

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Thanks everyone. Thumped gotcha back

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