Sleep Thieves – November Christmas

Sleep Thieves have just released a free Christmas song, November Christmas

[iframe style=”border: 0; width: 105%; height: 120px;” src=”” seamless November Christmas by Sleep Thieves]

And as if a free Christmas tune wasn’t enough, they’d also like to give you a copy of their recent LP You Want The Night:

What a year! We’ve had a busy, inspiring 2014, all of course centered around the release of our new record “You Want The Night” on Minty Fresh Records. 

We got to perform to some great crowds at diverse locations and festivals – Culture Collide in Los Angeles and San Francisco, London with Gazelle Twin, and here at home the amazing Electric Picnic. We also toured Ireland with Fight Like Apes and Kid Karate which was a blast too.

We also want to don our Santa hats and go into full gift mode – we’re running an album giveaway! We’re going to send a copy of the album on vinyl to one lucky winner, and we’ll also have a digital download for another three entrants. We don’t have access to reindeer, so the mail has to do for the vinyl winner and will arrive asap. To enter, just email [email protected] – good luck!

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