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The latest releases on Rusted Rail from Phantom Dog Beneath the Moon & Phosphene are available now from & Road Records.

The latest releases from Rusted Rail, from Phantom Dog Beneath the Moon & Phosphene, are available now from & Road Records.

Phantom Dog Beneath the Moon – “Through A Forest Only”
Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon (formerly known as Snowmachine) are Aaron Hurley (vocals, guitars, piano) and Scott McLaughlin (bass, guitar, cello, vibraphone, spoken word). The duo hail from the west of Ireland but are currently resident in Yorkshire, England. “Through A Forest Only” is their second release following their acclaimed album “In A Light” (Deserted Village) and builds on that albums ‘acoustic meets electronic’ aesthetic by adding more instruments, electricity and percussion. Their “Through A Forest Only” extended player for Rusted Rail features twenty minutes of delicate, driven, dreamy and haunted hymns on a 3 inch EP in a handmade sleeve.


phosphene-ep-cover.jpgPhosphene – “Phoenix Trees”
John Cavanagh is many things to many people – unearther of rare Delia Derbyshire recordings, longtime music broadcaster, psych-writer and serial analogue synth botherer. Phosphene is his musical project and “Phoenix Trees” is his latest interstellar installment of radiophonic vibrations from Glasgow, featuring abstract acoustics atop antique science fiction sounds, Meek melodies, tone poems, otherworldly violin and what sounds like a requiem for a dying star. Following releases on labels such as Secret Eye, Enraptured, Ochre and Static Caravan amongst others, Phosphene’s sonic quest continues with “The Phoenix Trees” on Rusted Rail. Immerse yourself in the world of Phosphene and allow your soul to be psychedelicized…by a 3 inch EP in a handmade sleeve.


Both EPs are available (as are all Rusted Rail releases by Agitated Radio Pilot, Autumn Grieve, Cubs, Loner Deluxe, Mirakil Whip, Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon, Phosphene, Plinth, So Cow and United Bible Studies) to purchase as a digital download from from Rough Trade Digital.

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