Quarter Inch Collective – Quompilaton #1

Quarter Inch Collective will release their first Quompilation in January, featuring 14 Irish bands covering their favourite songs of 2010.

Quompilation #1 will be a cassette/download release featuring 14 of the finest musical acts in the country, each doing covers of one of their favourite songs of 2010. All the acts have picked a song from the last year and have re-imagined them in their own unique styles, giving us what is a truly amazing look at the talent that resides here on our wind-beaten isle. The full list of bands who are gracing us with their talents is as follows:

The compilation… sorry, ‘quompilation’ will be released on cassette on or around 27th January with a launch gig in The Lower Deck featuring some of the bands. Expect to pay about €10 and that gets you a copy of the compilation too.
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