Quarter Inch Collective Quompilation #2 – Logik Party, Angkorwat, Jogging, The Ambience Affair & More

Preorders are now open for the next compilation from Quarter Inch Collective, with a special offer available for residents of McMurdo Station, US Outpost #31 or their neighbours.

It’s that time of year again and we’re back with another collection of thirteen fantastic Irish artists covering some of their favourite tracks from the year just gone.

This year you can look forward to hearing wonderful renditions of 2011′s best tracks by (in no particular order):

No Monster Club, Logik PartySimon BirdGirl BandRhino MagicGinolaCloud Castle LakeFlokSea PinksTurning Down SexAngkorwatThe Ambience AffairJogging

Each cassette will be hand packaged with all the love and care we can give, with artwork by the fantastic Ms. Fuchsia Macaree.

We’ll be launching the tape with a big ol’ bash in Crawdaddy on January 27th (as part of POD’s Independence Month) involving as many of the bands as we can fit onto the stage.

Cassettes will be very limited in number so to avoid disappointment you can pre-order your copy from our web-store. Everyone who orders in advance will receive their own copy with a personal, hand-written dedication on the inside. Pre-ordering will also get you into the launch party for free! If you want to pick up your pre-order at the launch, just select “Antarctica” as your shipping destination and we’ll hang onto it for you. If you’re actually ordering from Antarctica, we’ll send it to you for free anyway.

If there is any stock remaining after the launch night, it will be available in your friendly, neighbourhood indie record store so keep an eye out for it.

So that’s about it. Keep an ear out for any tracks that might leak between now and then and if we aren’t talking to you beforehand, see you on the 27th!


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