Quarter Inch Collective – Flok, Meljoann, Free Stuff

Latest news from Quarter Inch Collective on their upcoming Flok release, a gig with Meljoann & some free stuff you might be interested in…

Flok‘s new EP is almost ready to go and you can now hear the first single from it here. It’s a beautiful tune, we’re sure you’ll agree. Please share it with your friends, family and loved ones.

Flok are three young men hailing from Inishannon, a small village in the wilds of south Cork. Together they make warm, earthy songs that draw deep on a sound that combines the cosy comfort of good friends with the isolation of the environment they sprang from. We really feel this EP represents a great development of the promise shown on last year’s single, Made Again. The composition is more direct and more complex while the sounds are richer than ever before.

Secondly, to celebrate having passed 20,000 track plays on Soundcloud, as well as the release of the Flok single, we’ve made all our releases so far free from our bandcamp. Pay what you want, for as long as I feel like it.

Finally, we’ve got a small gig happening upstairs at POGO in the Twisted Pepper this Saturday night. Meljoann, Lion Of the Ghetto and Scout Hardcastle all playing the most messed-up pop, sqweee and r’n’b that you’ve ever heard. Starts late and if you’re heading to the Squarehead launch first (which you really should), just show your Workman’s wristband at the door and you’ll get in for a fiver. You can also get yourself on the cheaplist by putting your name down here or clicking attending here.

You can find more info on all this & more at http://quarterinchcollective.wordpress.com.

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