Moutpiece – Black Banana EP

Moutpiece release their new (and final) Black Banana 7″ EP this Friday in The Thomas House.
The EP is available for preorder from and preorders come with a digital copy of the self-titled Moutpiece debut album, all for €8 delivered. 

Moutpiece is a band from Dublin that specialises in filling floors full of blissed out rock enthusiasts. Having played through just about sound system in Dublin as well as some of the spankiest squats in all of Northern Holland, the band reaps the benefits of a proper studio and some decent microphones in the tunes available here. 2008’s eponomous long player is chock full of instant classics and 2012’s Black Banana EP is set to turn 4 more songs into requisite listening for the late night sessionistas. Get it now, thank us later.

At long long long last our final vinyl instalment is ready to be unleashed on the masses. To celebrate the occasion Moutpiece will be playing the Thomas House on Friday September 21st. The soon to be very desirable 7”, Black Banana EP will be available for purchase as will the S/T debut full length scorcher. There will be no charge on the door, but if you miss the opportunity to pay us for the EP, we will personally call around to your gaff to give you a knuckle sandwich.

Moutpiece – Black Banana EP Release
The Thomas House
8pm, Friday 21st September
Free admission.

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