Independent Label Seeks Like Minded Others For Friendship & More

The Richter Collective have a launched a new Friends Of The Richter Collective label subscription package to help fund their operations for the rest of the year.

At €100 it’s not cheap, so what do you get in return?

  • Five Richter Collective CDs of your choice
  • A Richter Collective T-Shirt
  • Digital downloads of the entire Richter Collective back catalogue
  • Early access to downloads of all the label’s 2012 releases
  • A guestlist spot for all Richter Collective-promoted events in 2012

You don’t need to be a mathematical genius to realise that all that adds up to a hell of a lot more than €100, so you’re getting a big discount. But, more importantly, by paying up front you’ll be helping one of the most important labels in Ireland stay independent while they do what they do best. 

As most supporters of music will know, selling music has become very hard but the costs associated with promoting new artists (internationally) remains quite high.

We want to continue promoting independent Irish music worldwide but need more funding if we are to continue at the pace and scale we think the music we promote deserves.

We realise people are a lot more strapped for cash than years before and there are literally thousands of other worthy causes that deserve your hard earned money.

To avoid us having to outright ask for money we have developed “Friends of Richter Collective” a premium package for 200 fans of the label, the cost is higher than anything we’ve sold before but we hope the people able to afford to buy this package will realise they’re buying more than just a few “things” and are instead helping an independent Irish label grow and spread into new territories.

We hope that 200 people can help us to continue working with developing, new music while helping us to remain independent in all ways.

Head over to to sign up.

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