Come On Live Long

Come On Live Long – New LP In The Still out May 19th

Here are a couple of songs from the second Come On Live Long LP, In The Still

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In The Still will be available for pre-order on vinyl and streaming from May 19th from The band say:

“For us this album represents a lot more than just four years of hard graft. It is significant because it documents a time where we collectively learned how to accept life in all of its highs and lows, that when things become dormant there is always something waiting to happen, an imminent stir in the still, in whatever form that may be. We feel we have pressed a lot of ourselves into this one. Some of these songs coming straight from our most personal spaces, late at night, in our respective bedrooms, and some coming from energetic bursts of all day and all night writing sessions together. We know this one has taken its time but we have pored over every tiny facet of it to make sure it is exactly as we want you to hear it.”

In The Still is the second album by Come On Live Long. Following on from their critically acclaimed debut Everything Fall, the new album signifies a rebirth for the band, while also representing an evolution of their distinctive blend of exquisite melodies, driving rhythms and ethereal soundscapes.

Written over the last two years, during which the band were apart geographically for long periods of time, the album deals with the theme of intense isolation set opposite an overwhelming togetherness.

At times intimate and deeply personal, there is quiescent melancholia to be found in its breathy vocals and soft handed melodies that lead into unexpected explosions of less controlled, violent dynamic shifts – a sonic representation of the band’s collective experience. Through a longing for experimentation and a refusal to compromise, COLL took their time, allowing each song to evolve through multiple iterations with some tracks making use of string and choral arrangements. The album comprises of 9 tracks that reflect the bands diversity of experience.

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