Chewing On Tinfoil BBC Session

Chewing On Tinfoil recorded a session for Mike Davies’ punk show on BBC Radio 1 last week, including a timely Fairytale Of New York cover. You can stream the session at, although it expires tomorrow, or you can download it from Chewing On Tinfoil‘s Bandcamp page at

In June 2009 the band released their debut album “Get Rich or Try Dyin’ ”. The album was recorded in a 150 year-old cottage built on the burial site of an ex-communicated, fornicating monk. Nestled in Glenasmole Valley in the Dublin Mountains, it is dark, damp and dingy; Chewing on Tinfoil consider it home.

In September 2009 “Get Rich or Try Dyin’ ” was released on the New York based label – Quote Unquote Records, the first donation based record label, for free download and received regular rotation on the Mike Davies BBC Radio 1 Show.

In January of 2010, the band retreated back to the aforementioned cottage to write their new EP “Shaving”, which was recorded at the end of July in The Hive Studios in Wicklow. ‘Shaving’ was released on the 22nd of August, followed by a two week UK tour to promote its release and a live session for BBC Radio 1. The session included a cover of The Pogues’ “Fairytale of New York”. The session  aired on the 14th of December. In late January 2011, the band will be making their first trip to the U.S.A. with a short East Coast tour.

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