Champion Edition – New Independent Cork Label

Cork has a new independent label in the form of Champion Edition which will be releasing (and re-releasing) music on cassette and digitally via Bandcamp. First up: Slabdragger.

Great music is everywhere. Literally everywhere. Never more in Ireland than right now, with great bands and artists populating pretty much any platform available to them. They say music is always strong in a recession, and with the proliferation and accessibility of music tech, this has never rang any more true. There is a world of great music waiting to be documented, no matter where you look, from rural practice spots, to city-centre venues.

Champion Edition is a new, independently-run record label, based in Cork City, Ireland, traditionally a hotbed of live activity. And we love music. We wish to share the bands we love and discoveries we make with anyone that will listen, running the gamut of exciting and challenging music that abounds in 2012.

We will be releasing primarily in two formats – convenient and clinical digital downloads (powered by Bandcamp for choice and accessibility), and aged, venerable cassette. The benefits of the latter are two-fold: cassettes are somewhat of a prized commodity these days among the devoted, and are a recession-friendly, ethical and utilitarian manner of releasing and buying music. It makes sense.

We have announced our first release on our Facebook page – a reissue on cassette of London, UK doom-metal troops Slabdragger’s debut album, released on vinyl last year to rapturous critical acclaim. The album in full is streaming at the Facebook page, and pre-orders for cassettes will begin soon.


There are, of course, more releases, from Ireland, as well as the UK and beyond, to be announced in the coming days and weeks.

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