Carriages – Carriages EP

Have a listen to the new EP from experimental folk duo Carriages.

[iframe style=”border: 0; width: 105%; height: 120px;” src=”″ seamless Carriages EP by Carriages]

Carriages are Harry Bookless (of Little Xs for Eyes) and Aaron Page (Water Cycle) and they make exactly the kind of music this frazzled brain needs right now.

Formed in 2012, Carriages have recorded from bedroom studios to the National Concert Hall, but some of their most exciting work is done outdoors, where Harry collects the found sounds from which he spins intricate beats and soundscapes to accompany Aaron’s delicate songwriting and guitar work.

As their sonics move between the open spaces of nature and the studio, Carriages’ songs touch consistently on themes of movement and travel – on the everyday journeys we all undertake, however insignificant they may seem at first. By drawing out the music in the objects that surround us and setting it alongside traditional songwriting Carriages create a kind of new folk music that speaks to the modern world, as well as to the rich history of folk music.

Forests, beaches, abandoned rooms – these are the places from which Carriages draw their sounds. Listening to their music will take you there.

Carriages will be playing Hard Working Class Heroes 2013, appearing at 9:30pm on Friday October 4th in the New Theatre. More on that at:

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