Band Of Clouds – Outside Broadcast

Outside Broadcast is a collection of recordings made in Waterford’s Granny It’s OK studios by John Haggis & friends, aka Band Of Clouds

It’s out now on CD & to download, with a vinyl release on the way by the end of this month. Part music therapy, part opportunistic collaboration – it’s really rather good.

This Long-Player was recorded by poets, musicians & human hearts and is an album about liars, thieves and spearhthrowers.

The album was inspired and made possible by those who happened to float through the Granny it’s OK Studio in Waterford over the last year. Hence the name Band of Clouds.

John Haggis pieced this long player together while he was recovering from an operation which helped him get back on his feet. No longer able to play music live with his friends, hiding away and making this album became a music therapy of sorts.

The album was also threaded together by fragments of found objects, stories and scraps from everyday life.

Each track on the album has its own individual digital artwork, which all download as bonus material with the album.

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