Adrian Crowley Announces New LP, Some Blue Morning

Very fancy tune available to stream today via Chemikal Underground

It’s always good news when Mr Crowley pops up with a new record, and he’s brought a modicum of glee to Thumped towers this afternoon with the announcement of his 7th LP, “Some Blue Morning”. It comes out on November 10th on Chemikal Underground and is the follow up to the Choice nominated “I See Three Birds Flying”.

Gent that he is, he’s stuck a song on the internet for us to have a go off, and it sounds utterly terrific, especially when it gets embiggened after a minute or so with strings and a vocal from Katie Kim. Also, we’re very much enjoying that fine hat. Kudos, sir, kudos. Tour dates and that to follow, but for now, have a listen via this link:

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