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Brooklyn’s Oneida play Whelans this Saturday along with Cap Pas Cap & Limerick rockers Sea Dog, and Skinny Wolves have given us two pairs of tickets to give away.

Brooklyn’s Oneida play Whelans this Saturday along with Cap Pas Cap & Limerick rockers Sea Dog, and Skinny Wolves have given us two pairs of tickets to give away. Read on for details…

Skinny Wolves Presents

(Usa, Jagjaguwar Records)
Saturday 22nd August
Whelans main venue
Doors 7.30pm // Tickets 15euro, available from &

No band has been so praised for such a wide range of music over the last ten years than Brooklyn’s Oneida. Nobody has come close to matching their output of dazzlingly creative, uncategorizable music. Psychedelia, minimalism, maximalism, one-step, infinitewave, blah blah blah blah… it’s all there, all the time.
Oneida is a rock band from Brooklyn, New York. Their influences include psychedelic rock, krautrock, and hard rock, but the overall structure and intent of their music cannot be easily traced to any of these styles, or the myriad other styles they have drawn upon in recordings.
The most striking and consistent aspect of Oneida’s music is their use of and fascination with repetition. Their 2002 LP, Each One Teach One, for instance, begins with two especially long tracks, Sheets of Easter and Antiobiotics, the former over fourteen minutes long, the latter more than sixteen. Both of these songs are composed of one repeated riff (with a few short interludes on Antiobiotics).
In addition to the use of repetition that easily outstrips the patience of most casual listeners, Oneida’s music can be distinguished by the bandmember’s extensive use of and enthusiasm for antique keyboards and analog electric pianos. Repetition in Oneida’s music greatly complements the strengths and uniqueness of the fuzzy or cheesy-sounding keyboard elements.
The band also runs Brah Records, an imprint of Jagjaguwar. The label has released records by Parts & Labor, Oakley Hall, Home, Company, and an Oneida/Plastic Crimewave Sound split 12″.
In September 2007 the group celebrated 10 years of existence with a concert at the P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center in NYC.
In June 2008, it was announced that the band would be releasing a triptych of new records, referred to as the “Thank Your Parents” series. The first of these is Preteen Weaponry, which was released in August 2008, and the second is a triple album, Rated O, due in July 2009.
Also, for those who weren’t in Barcelona (or were, but can’t remember), all of the O’s Primavera set is streaming here:

Hailing from Stab City aka Limerick, Ireland. If you can imagine a hard, cloudy, wet, windy day in that fair city, you can be sure Sea Dog are coming over the horizon blasting thunderous groove riffs and taking no prisoners.
Come enjoy a heavy dose of guitar rock and provide some worship for the riffage.
Starting with a distortion pedal, an echo box and some riffs inspired by Prince’s “Sign O’ the Times” live DVD, Sea Dog decided it was time to turn off the DVD player and pick up the guitars. Righteous Harmony (Guitar), Damien (Guitar) and Scotty 2 Hotty (Drums) are a living testament to the true desire of having a good time all the time and bringing true instrumental hard rock grooves to those who deserve it!


To get your hands on the free tickets just email your contact details (name & mobile number will do) to [email protected] by midnight on Thursday (20th) and your name goes in the hat. Winners will be notified by email on Friday morning.

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