Clock Opera – Academy 2, December 2nd

London town’s Clock Opera play the Academy 2 this Friday and we’ve got a couple of tickets for you to win.

I remember at some point writing about an eclectic four piece avant pop group from various parts of the south of England called Clock Opera. I liked the group, and remember very well the first time that I heard them, when it occurred to me that even though I had never heard them before, they sounded like something I might have heard before, if, say, the first album by The Move was made by a four piece pop group that had been influenced by music not yet recorded. They sounded like The Move if they had come after Sparks, The Associates, 808 State, Yo La Tengo and Keudo. As these were among my top sixty favourite pop acts of all time, for their marvellous ways of controlling drama, processing influences and releasing tension, this meant Clock Opera sounded good to me. Good like the Dave Clarke Five as if they were influenced by Fifty Foot Hose, which would give you a sound somewhere amongst Edgard Varese leading The Archies and George Antheill producing XTC. That good.

Hmmm you know what – maybe just have a listen instead, or check out the rather good video down below…

Clock Opera – Lesson No. 7 (Full Version) by clockopera

So if you fancy a chance at nabbing those tickets just email [email protected] with COTICKETSPLEASE as the subject by midnight on Thursday 1st December.

Clock Opera also play Cyprus Avenue in Cork on Saturday December 3rd.

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