What movie did you watch last night? (2 Viewers)

Barbie. Was deadly, but I was absolutely mortified at the godfather scene since I had asked the two female persons watching it with me if they "got the reference to 2001 in the intro"...

No Hard Feelings. I liked this. Very funny in places - but then most of that funny stuff is in the trailer - and the rest of it is quite sweet. Yeah it's a bit uneven, but watchable. Was NOT expecting the full frontal nudity fight scene though.
the civil dead - black comedy about a guy getting haunted by a ghost. really enjoyed this.

dutch - comedy featuring the guy from married with children. ok. kind of a less good planes trains and automobiles
Barbie. Was deadly, but I was absolutely mortified at the godfather scene since I had asked the two female persons watching it with me if they "got the reference to 2001 in the intro"...
just to be clear I knew that neither of them had seen 2001 and so maybe wouldn’t have appreciated how well the Barbie thing had been done.
Cash on demand (1961)
Crime drama made by hammer. Basically a gentlemanly tiger kidnapping bank robbery film with a twist.
Low budget, but the acting & direction is very good. Peter Cushing and Andre Morell are excellent. Full film available on YouTube.
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From beyond the grave (1974)
A rewatch on dvd. Anthology film made by amicus. Probably the best film they ever made.
Customers of antique shop rip off the owner and end up paying for it later.
Love it.
Mumsy, nanny, sonny & girly (1970)
Quirky, off beat British horror / thriller directed by Freddie Francis about a strange family who lure "new friends"into their big old house. The whole tone of the film is surreal & odd. Really well made. All the actors fully commit to the weirdness, and it really makes it work. The portrayal of the schoolgirl wouldn't fly today. (Vanessa Howard was 21 at the time) .It's a bit long for this type of film, but I really iked it. The dvd is out of print. I'll keep an eye out for a reissue. Full film up on YouTube. Here's a trailer.

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Blood Simple. Fantastic early Cohen bros.

Saw it in an open air cinema in Athens. Which was nice.
Dumb Money. Decent film, but it's trying a bit too hard to be a contemporary 'Big Short' kind of thing. All the slick cuts and captions and compositions and collages. It's an interesting story, the actors do a good job (especially the lad playing Dano's character's brother), but it's all a bit seen it before.

The Expendables 4. Hahaha what a load of shit. It's funny, because this has virtually no relation to the other Expendables films, save that it uses the same characters/actors. This is also really weird shit. The reason it's really weird shit is that as an action film, there's loads of cool shit in here - loads of good chases and fights (I mean it has some of those Raid lads I think so some nice shit) and shootouts, done with clever and interesting shots at times, some of that stuff looks great. And this is juxtaposed beside some of the worst CGI shit you'll ever see in a 'big' action film - it's comically awful. And even with this - on the one hand, there's loads of fun gore with exploding heads and shit like that; but then all the rest of it, is just fuckingggg shit CGI. I mean like REALLY shit - which again is quite funny, but fuckin hell it's bollocks. The explosions generally look fucking atrocious, the backgrounds are awful, it's entirely forgettable and entirely bollocks, haha.
To add to all this, you have good established action actors, that could do a reasonable job given decent direction. Even without decent direction, Stallone and Statham still do a decent job, but sure it's probably in their contracts to make sure they don't look shit. So yeah out of all this, one of the really strange things is the utter amateurness of the direction. This director doesn't have the remotest clue of how to pace a film/scenes to deliver emphasis, impact, depth - the whole film basically just happens at one speed, which is for the most part pretty fast action speed. Again this isn't exactly the worst thing in the world for a stupid action film, but this is the aspect that is most jarringly different from previous Expendables films. At least the previous films made some kind of veiled attempts to have you connect with the characters in some way (and they had amazin bad guys) - this film, it's literally like McG made a clone of himself that was directing its first film and was like "Explosions, explosions, explosions!!" but was telling this to an Aldi version of the Jurassic Park CGI team.
In conclusion, what a load of bollocks, hahaha - BUT! If you want to watch something completely fucking dumb that you can totally switch your brain off for and actually has some cool action shots at times, then grand really! It's such a weird film.

Expendables 1 = Pretty cool action film
Expendables 2 = Fairly poor action film with excellent bad guy
Expendables 3 = Fuckin awesome action film with loads of really cool fights and action and shit and by far the peak of this franchise
Expendables 4 = LOFUCKINL

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