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Nate Champion

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Mar 3, 2006
So, i was talking to Sean Meadows from June of 44 at Supersonic the other week, and he told me, "we would love to play Dublin. Absolutely" and he was curious about who he would get in touch with to make that happen.

Also Old Man Gloom who absolutely slayed at the same festival...


The question is would it be worth their hassle to play just one show here? I was talking to a few ex Thumped or Thumped adjacent people last night at Arab Strap, and both lads confidently reckoned June of 44 could almost fill a venue like Whelans, and there would be quite a lot of people keen to see them - akin to possibly the audience numbers at the recent Jawbox show.

I also saw Horse Lords are playing London in November... they are a more recent act, and you can imagine they would sell a good few tickets in Whelan's or Sugar Club.

U;Mack seems like the obvious one for both of these acts. But who else is there?

After the recent debacle of Mdou Moctor being detained here for twelve hours and then being sent packing despite having all their paperwork in order, are bands [who want to come here] even less likely to come here? Mortifying considering they were coming in to play a sellout show.
Could give Dme an email for heavier bands. I was talking to Ethan from Primitive man after a gig good few years back. They were up for a diy/ post tour gig. Did email him, never heard a word back.
Look at the bands and what numbers you think they could do. If there's a band, that you reckon could pull say up to 100/150, mail their booker, see how much they cost , plus other costs (transport/ accommodation ect) and if it's worth while doing a diy gig say upstairs in Whelans/ voodoo/ Fibbers.

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