Traditional eirecore end of year awards... 2017 (1 Viewer)

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Best Irish band – Strong Boys
Best Live Overseas - Nothing Clean , New Ross
Best Live Irish – Strong Boys at Tenterhooks Aggressors BC in Belfast
Best gig – Tenterhooks last gig, Okus / Harvester the hut
Best Film – Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Best book – Ladybird for Adults – The Hangover
Best Venue – Jigsaw , Dublin
Best Festival – Fesant Fest, Ballina
Best Irish Oi release – The Jollars
Best Irish not Oi release - Grit
Best Laugh – Driving bands, van life, hanging around with punks – not enough this year mind
Best thing on the net – Waterford whispers
Best Zine – MRR, still going strong, mad.

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