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Apr 18, 2006
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oh hi Pantone

Last week's list of our 40 favourite Irish albums of all time drew hundreds of comments to our blog. Here's a selection of the posts, plus - as promised - the list of the chosen albums that didn't make the top 40
Very happy to see It's Too Late to Stop Now, Van's live album in there. Was always a huge favourite of mine ... Having less than a handful of albums on the list that were made in the 21st century is a bit of pity though. - Teddy
Some great choices and as a guy who wears My Bloody Valentine T-shirt still, the inclusion of Isn't Anything also made me very happy. - Vinny Mc Grath
Worst Top-40 list ever! You have ignored albums brought out by independent labels or by musicians themselves. You have almost totally missed the entire Whelans singer-songwriter scene. Your list seems to have a bias to around 1982 to 1992, presumably the time that you were all hip. - Alan
Delighted to see Rollerskate Skinny but would have put Achtung Baby at number 1. The transition they made from the Joshua Tree to such an incomparable piece of work still amazes me. - Ken
No Frank and Walters really? And where are The Stunning or Sultans of Ping? An Emotional Fish? - Jessie
The last ten years in Irish music have been an unmitigated disaster. -Steve K
Makes me feel slightly queasy that Snow Patrol and Damien Rice are in there, and The Immediate aren't. - Lauren
I personally would like to see Cathy Davey's Something Ilk or Tales of Silversleeve in there somewhere. For me she's the best for the last couple of years. -b
The reason there's so much non-current stuff is that it's a Best of All Time list. Music needs time to mature. - Sheila
No place for Kila's brilliant Tóg É Go Bog É Tog? What gives?
-David Bowie

- Peter Eyes Open by Snow Patrol is awful. Snow Patrol made one really good album (When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up) which was roundly ignored, and one decent one (Final Straw) that was huge. If any Snow Patrol album was on the list, it should have been one of those. - Neill
Interesting list but could you draw up an alternative Top 40 with the omissions alone? Very surprised by the absence of Julie Feeney, one of the bravest and most singular Irish albums of all time. But glad such dross as Mary Coughlan, Frances Black and Juliet Turner do not feature . - St Karen
I have a SERIOUS problem with your list. As any muso anorak knows, one should not have repetition of artists . It would make room for others: Horslips, or dear old Kittser. - Eoin Dunlea
Why did Duke Special not make it? - Roisin
A list of greatest albums shouldn't include live albums . - Phil
Oh right A House, The Radiators, My Bloody Valentine Obviously all unrecognised geniuses having produced better albums than Astral Weeks and The Joshua Tree ... yea right. Wow! You are such intellectual, controverial artistic rebels! - Kron
Loveless at No 1 - spot on. Still as brilliant as ever . - Jim Kennedy
Interesting list. Went to iTunes and bought Loveless on the back of the feature. No sign of Whipping Boy there unfortunately. - RC
Isn't the Cranberries supposed to be higher on the list? I'm from Brazil, have been to Ireland and found it strange that people don't seem to care much about this band. Is it true? - Matty Boy
I'm surprised nobody's noted the absence of Fionn Regan or even Si Scroeder? - Padraic
Surprising omissions of Paul Brady, Christy Moore (apart from a passing mention as part of Planxty), and most unforgiveably Horslips. b
The Immediate In Towers and Clouds and JJ72 deserved a mention. - The Man Who Laughs
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To be considered, musicians had to be born on the island of Ireland or hold an Irish passport. Bands were eligible if the majority of members were born in Ireland or hold Irish passports.
We concede that a majority of The Pogues were born in the UK, and they should not be in the list. We copped this as The Ticket was going to press - too late to take them out. But then, you wouldn't have wanted us to, would you?

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