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Aug 4, 2013
I find a room full of people from tge republic of Ireland singing "you'll never kill our will to be free" a bit nauseating. The Brits left a hundred years ago.

It's a very malleable sentiment. Socio-economically free? Colonially free? Solidarity with the rest of the human race free?

When he plays live Damo sometimes gives a good talk about what he thinks the song means to him. It's very effective. The last "free" there ties in with Rastafarianism, Reggae, one love and all that. And people like smoking weed.

That said, any time I've seen him in Dublin, there's always a small group of fans wearing badly printed "IRA: Undefeated Army" t-shirts, or similar. They love that tune but don't really pay attention to the gig at all. That's nauseating indeed.


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Aug 4, 2013
I actually do agree with you.

If I let myself go with it, it can be a very powerful song. But really, intellectually I do think it's a bit naff. Ham-fisted. I'd love to live in the Iveagh flats, they're not tenement slums and infested with rats. I think Damo is genuine with it though, and with the best of intentions.


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Sep 3, 2004
drifting arround
it's the only one of the star trek movies i have any real memory of. the rest just kind of blend together.

me too. back in the late 80s my dad got a box of 'tapes' that were being chucked from the local video rental place (he used to drink with the owner).
That, gremlins, and little shop of horrors were the only kid friendly ones.
In two channel land they got watched to death.


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Nov 19, 2013
the actor who played les battersby in coronation street discovered the body of one of the victims of the yorkshire ripper, and was briefly a suspect; he claims it ended his marriage.

It turned him.into an alcoholic and he almost killed himself and his partner in road rage incident when he grabbed her steering wheel nearly crashing the vehicle.

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