The Devil On 45 Zine, Issue No.2 (1 Viewer)


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Dec 8, 2002
So I’m finally getting my act together on the second issue of ‘The Devil On 45’ zine. Already have a few articles written, and interviews done but I wanted to see if anyone who had shown support or interest befiore feels like contributing. For anyone who has never heard of it before ‘The Devil On 45’ is a fanzine (the emphasis on fan, as in fuckin fanatical about sounds of all sorts) to cover music that is on the borders, music that has been censored, various different articles on then more strange facets of music and music folklore, and basic rants about why music is the only redeeming feature of an otherwise useless species. So if anyone wants to rant about why a certain album is their favourite of all time, write an article about Captain Beefheart, Roky Erikson or whatever just get in contact and I can tell you the timeline I’m working on here. So far for the next issue there is interviews with Tian An Men89, and one soon with ‘The Suicide Mixtape’, also an article on why Metallic K.O. by The Stooges is the best live recording of a band ever, an article on the music of Charles Manson and so forth…

Last issue got some good reviews so it’s time to gloat…this is from Last Hours Zine based in London
"This zine is amazing, seriously this is exactly what fanzines should look like. The author's completely obsessed with music-of all variety-and the history around it, so this issue you have stuff about FBI investigation of Richard Berry's Louie Louie song, an interview with Cynthia "Plaster Caster" (the self styled super-groupie), and the history of Spade Cooley a 1940s/50s country singer. There's also a personal account of how punk and pornography have interacted with one another in California for the author, and perhaps most interesting a long piece on gthe controversy that surrounded Ice T's "Cop Killer" song when it was released on Body Count in the early 1990s. The articles are all well researched, in depth and really well written. A really impressive read." Check out

So anybody who might be interested email me on: [email protected]

Ed ‘On 45’

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