stupidly good drumming. (1 Viewer)

[ame=""]YouTube - Nomeansno - Rich Guns[/ame]

It's not always about the flash shit people...
now that's more like it.

reminds me of another youtube clip I saw ages ago... 50's jazz drummer. started with his hands. moved onto sticks. great solo. cannot... remember... his.... name. fuckit.
from about 1:55 into this:
[ame=""]YouTube - Hate Eternal - The Victorious Reign[/ame]

or here it is live:
[ame=""]YouTube - Derek Roddy playing "The victorious reign" (live footage)[/ame]

[ame=""]YouTube - Derek Roddy (Hate Eternal) - Behold Judas[/ame]

unfortunately he left Hate Eternal
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