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And that's saying something.

So I need to do an operating system migration - I have to move from CentOS7 to AlmaLinux. This is a fully scripted in-place OS change. On a live server.

APPARENTLY this is a supported migration, but since is is all Linux, I suppose that depends on certain values of $supported. It's only meant to take 30 minutes (!) and everything should "just work" (!!) afterwards. I've had to disable a load of repos to pass the preflight checks, but as of right now it's telling me everything will work just fine...

There are a couple more things i need to do before I pull the trigger, like a reboot and reconfigure of the VM, take a snapshot, cross fingers etc. so the server will be up and down a bit this evening....
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i have zero clue why i've chosen a Tuesday evening to do this, but here we are
* 2023-08-08 22:24:45 [INFO] There is no known blockers to start the elevation process.

Apart from that appalling grammar.
yep, Redis definitely not working

also seems to have done something to offsite backup FTP but that can wait.
oh the lads are at this craic too. Although they picked Rocky Linux for some reason.

You should migrate everything over to Rocky once you're finished, to keep your hand in.
I had to choose between the two last night so flipped a coin. Well, the script defaults to alma, soooo….
I can't keep up with all the different jaysis types of linuxes
Arch linux was lovely, that's been the only one that made me want to mess with that stuff again for fun.

Now it's all containers and automations. I dunno, not as much fun for some reason. Work feeling a bit more like work.

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