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“Why not question everything?” was one of her guiding philosophies, the professor emerita of electrical engineering and computer science told The Michigan Engineer magazine in 2014.

Still fucking boggles the mind at times. Being trapped in the wrong body.
Sounds like it drove her on though.

Really sad football news.
Kevin Campbell has died aged 54 after a short illness.
He was a regular on Sky Sports until the last few months. Lovely lad who I always liked listening too.

The Sky Sports News folks are devastated at the moment.
Striker (winger sometimes for Arsenal) Kev broke into the Arsenal team in the 1989/90 season and won a string of trophies at Highbury. He later had productive scoring spells at Forest, Everton and West Brom among others.
Lovely cheerful man - this a terrible shock.

Also 24 year old Millwall keeper Matija Sarkic has died suddenly after taking ill in Montenegro.
Kevin Campbell had sepsis.
I think Kevin was the youngest in a big family - 10, I think. Kevin's son Tyrese was a longtime player for Stoke until recently.
Everyone from Ian Wright, Paul Merson, Wayne Rooney and fellow Lambeth lad Clinton Morrison paying tribute.
American baseball player Willie Mays

My Dad got this badge back in the day. When I was young I couldn't understand what "say hey mets the news" meant. The "phrase" is ingrained in my brain.
the only bit of that show i think i've seen is a clip of yer man on stage attacking the idea that america is great; starts out well-ish, then descends into godawful 'well it was great when i was a kid'
do i have the right show?

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