Notes on the coming AI-pocalypse (1 Viewer)

What the fuck's a robot gonna do with a walnut and a bottle of coke?

What's it gonna do with art? It doesn't give a shit about art. Even if it can think - and it can't - what possible use can it derive from it. It has no needs. It has no meaning. Even an amoeba has a purpose.

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This video is unedited raw output from Veo and was created using the following prompts:- A fast-tracking shot through a bustling dystopian sprawl with bright neon signs, flying cars and mist, night, lens flare, volumetric lighting- A fast-tracking shot through a futuristic dystopian sprawl with bright neon signs, starships in the sky, night, volumetric lighting- A neon hologram of a car driving at top speed, speed of light, cinematic, incredible details, volumetric lighting- The cars leave the tunnel, back into the real world city Hong Kong
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