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May 19, 2002
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So museums in Dublin (and elsewhere), therefore everywhere

Anyway, what are the good ones in Dublin?

I know the three national ones (natural history, archaeologically, military & decorative arts)

There are the two trinity ones - science gallery (specialising in one exhibit at a time) and zoological (from June to august)
The Chester Beatty Library in Dublin Castle is great. And there's that famine exhibition on there at the moment as well (Dublin Castle, that is)

Not been to the Tenement Museum yet, but I did go to this a few years ago (perhaps in a different building) and that was really good.

The Georgian House Museum is worth a visit, if you're into that kind of thing?

Also The Little Museum of Dublin is worth a visit, depending what's on, you have to pay to get into it.

Worth noting that on the first Wednesday of each month, a lot of OPW heritage sites are free, so you can check out things like The Casino at Marino (that seems to be closed at the minute though)
National Gallery of Ireland
Irish Museum of Modern Art
Douglas Hyde Gallery at TCD (contemporary art and occasional film screenings/performances)
The Book of Kells/The Old Library at TCD
National Science Museum at Maynooth University (not quite Dublin but close enough for jazz)
Model Railway Museum at Malahide Castle
Airfield House in Dundrum (working farm, displays of old cars, old house)

There is (was?) a small anatomy museum in TCD but I don’t think it’s open to the public.

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