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Nov 8, 2006
upon wings of black
us protestants couldnt be bothered learning scots gallic as it is complicated and we are thick so some of the cleverer ones among us came up with a baldric esque cunning plan and invented ulster scots. and no its not a speech impediment, its a language, listen to how different it is from english in this episode of dander with drennan the ulster scots tv pogrom

[ame=""]YouTube - Dander With Drennan, June 2006[/ame]

i walked past the offices of the ulster scots agency (or boord o ulster scots) the other day and discovered they have their own publication "OOT AN ABOOT" in which strangely all the articles are written in plain old english, but i guess that is all you you know whats oppressing our recently invented culture. i would put a picture of the front page up here but i cant find it online. incidentally some wag has spraypainted "IF IN DOOT BURN THEM OOT" on the front of said building. this is not funny.

p.s. the "politically correct" term for the mentally disabled in ulster scots is "wee daftie"

i wish i was joking.

p.p.s. i used to work in a call centre where we had to do market research asking if we thought ulster scots should be taught in schools. i kid you not again

apparently now the broons have the same cultural significance as the tain/beowulf/the oddysey

why cant i embed videos
Jesus fucking Christ.

Sadly I know all about this my family being all Ulster-Scots and being clustered around Ballymoney, which for those who are not familiar is in mid-Antrim or the heartland of Ulster-Scots. It's proper fucked up stuff, when I came from Italy to Ballymoney with my shite English I had no idea of what the fuck people were on about.

Seriously, stay the fuck out of mid-Ulster and away from Ulster-Scots, it's going to fuck you up.
I'm all for the cultural significance of non-dominant dialects and all that but Ulster-Scots and its political treatment is hilariously sad. People in West and Mid Ulster with no clear Scots lineage speak a near identical dialect. Anyone ever see the documentary about the Morrow Brothers? It was subtitled, two auld fellows in Antrim or Down, no electricity, real characters. Fascinating flim all right.

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