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Man, they cannot stop feeding us back our youths

I remember reading a thing ages ago about the appeal of the Teletubbies and it said that infants loved watching the same thing over and over. Like if they showed a Mom doing laundry or whatever, they'd show it again right away and the babies loved it. Babies.

When I see stuff like this getting prequeled and rebooted etc. I keep thinking about that. That we are basically babies just wanting to see the same shit over again.
Every Marvel movie is basically the same film.

None of these are new or shocking thoughts, but Jesus it bears mentioning now and again.
I think if we all just accept that it’s not going to be as good we’ll be ok. A Mighty Wind covered similar “getting the band(s) back together” ground and that worked out fine.
But mighty wind was no best in show.

Anyway,they've already done spinal tap 2 and it was very meh!!

Pass noted that Ferrigno has a hearing impairment “so he knows exactly what it feels like to be treated differently by other people. He understands the angst and the anger.”

“And then he likes the cooking people part too,” added the producer.

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