Does Taylor Swift have any good songs? (1 Viewer)

Actually, isn't this a bit kinda daft? People deserve respect for doing things they love doing? Should people get respect for riding and boozing and watching movies?
No skill in those things - mere consumers.
Ah yeah I get that, and tbh I kinda feel that way myself, but I don't really understand why. Like - surely someone who's doing something they that actually needs to be done, but that they hate, deserves more respect? Who is doing more important work - me making up tunes just to put a smile on my own face, or the guy outside up to his waist in shit fixing my septic tank?
I am struggling to keep up with this thread.
Riding and drinking (not essential pursuits) are not comparable with being a plumber (a fine career I am sure we all agree) providing essential work. I highly respect plumbers and tradespeople too.
Forgot to say - Lots of plumbers probably play music very well in their spare time. Multi talented those folks.

I respect people for having music skills and creativity I am not capable of - good luck to them.

If someone likes Taylor Swift's music fair enough. But she is extremely greedy. I don't respect that.

Sorry if I missed out on anything here.
I respect people for having ... skills and creativity
Aha ok - skills and creativity is what you respect, I'm on board with that. Professional musicians like Taylor Swift and her ilk are incredibly highly skilled, but maybe the creativity gets beaten out of them by the demands of the commercial world

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