Conflict + Subhumans (more tbc). saturday May 11 Button Factory (1 Viewer)

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Apr 2, 2002
Conflict make their first ever appearance in dublin on saturday may 11. Very special guests are Subhumans, more bands to be announced. this event will begin at 4pm. tickets €20 at
If I was a bookmaker I'd be giving very long odds of Conflict actually playing. Subhumans though, can't go wrong!
If I was a bookmaker I'd be giving very long odds of Conflict actually playing. Subhumans though, can't go wrong!

Why exactly would you think that? It bullshit to post on a thread about a gig that the headliner is unlikely to turn up, why the fuck would you do that?
Because the last 2 maybe 3 times Conflict have been billed to play they haven't.
they cancelled a couple of shows and rescheduled them, is this what you're referring to? I've worked very hard putting this gig together, you posting that you don't think conflict will turn up is really annoying. this will be a fuckin awesome gig
Exactly so it's perfectly reasonable to hold the opinion that they might cancel or reschedule again, don't get yer panties in a twist over it. As long as Subhumans are playing it'll be excellent
any band might cancel a gig at any time, thats always the case. you pretty much said that you think unlikely conflict will show up, that's a very different thing, and it's bullshit
I do think it's unlikely because they've done it before.

My advice is make sure there's a great Irish support, I'd recommend Excuses or 1000 Drunken Nights.
I do think it's unlikely because they've done it before.

My advice is make sure there's a great Irish support, I'd recommend Excuses or 1000 Drunken Nights.

Well, Conflict will be playing this gig, and I gotta say, I think it's poor form you saying they're unlikely to play. I'd imagine that if you ever put on a gig that you'd worked for a very long time to make happen, and some dude posted on the internet that the headline band were unlikely to show up, you're panties would be in a twist. I've been promoting gigs for 20 years, I don't advertise gigs where the bands are unlikely to turn up, I don't think it's fair of you to say that
To be fair to OLP back in the day conflict did have a bad reputation for not turning up at gigs, never mind cancelling & rescheduling. But then again so did the exploited.
Last time I saw conflict to be honest in my opinion they were boring, having said that it was two nights in a row, first night was the memorial gig for Icons of Filth singer, so lots of bands, big venue. second night if I remember correctly was sunday smaller venue & just conflict I think, which is when I found them boring. This wasn't that many years ago now, but I couldn't put an accurate year on it cos I'm shit at remembering shit like that.
Also to be fair to conflict I did see them play some blistering gigs in small venues in north england(Lancaster, Preston, Manchester..)usually marred by violence, sometimes involving the band, always involving the police.
I did see them play a boring gig at leeds uni in the 80s - it was boring cos they went on for about 2 hours & there was too much guitaring. Whole thing ended again in riot situation & we got stuck in Leeds for two days cos the girl (Patti Davis) who had the van keys got nicked - for standing outside the hall door (which had been locked), nothing more. another lad (Bleb from Burneside) who was with us got nicked for same thing - but he was blind (refused to wear his specs) & wasn't able to run away cos he didn't see them coming.
I did see a video of Conflict at the rebellion fest in Blackpool last year, I didn't think it was very good, maybe they were just having bad gig. It's on youtube.
Anyways Conflict have always caused heated debate & angry discussions within the punk scene, which I think is a good thing.
Back then we used to follow mad arguments about/around conflict in the letters pages of Raisin Hell fanzine from Leeds, which was one of the better zines & came out fairly regular - but it wasn't instant discussion like here, had to wait for next issue to see what replies were made, a month or two months or so, make me laugh , ha h ah ha ha soap your stamps ha ha h aha I spose modern equivelant would be steal your electricity for your internet.
The whole conflict thing can just go on & on & on. Read Steve Ignorants book, end chapters, get the first press cos apparently it's been 'revised' for later presses.
Shame this gig is in Button factory, I personally don't like it as a venue, it's too 'corporate'. Wouldn't fibbers do for this gig?
Section 4 playing the night before (not sure of venue yet) with Robinson Krause from Germany, punx weekender!
Nice one, love that it's an all day event.

They weren't great at Rebellion, but there was a lot of hassle with bouncers during their set, I think Colin was actually arrested at the gig, and they were cut short. I'm looking forward to getting the chance to see them again, and Subhumans were excellent in December.
Well I for one am really looking forward to this!! Subhumans and Conflict in one gig = feckin iontach!

I was actually hoping to go see both of them this very weekend at Winter of Discontent but couldn't afford it so all the better to see this happening, fair play U:M! Shame about button factory alright but I guess there's not a whole lot of choice. And yeah, get thousand drunken nights and excuses! I would have said Section 4 too but pretty class they're on the night before.

Met the lad who does cubesville zine in Manchester a while back and he had just recently seen Conflict play (in a really tiny venue mind you)and he and others told me they were very good. This is worth a listen:

Also, the arrest is the most awesome idea for lyrics ever!

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