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Yeah - I probably just didn’t really get the first one.. by the time the one with cat woman came out the hormones were starting to kick in, so that’s always been a bit more prominent in my memory

I didn't get to see that in the cinema. In fact I may not have been allowed, possibly because my parents saw the trailer and so Michelle Pfeiffer. You'll not be watching that so you won't. Penguins with rockets on them.

From 1971. It's all silly rock 'n' roll excess, Jagger being a twat, until the last couple of paragraphs. And then it isn't. And its weird, because it seems there are sensible heads in the room.
Dani Alves, ex Barcelona and Brazil footballer convicted yesterday of a rape committed in Barcelona in 2020.

He's been sentenced to 4.5 years.
Memphis Depay paid a million euro bail to get him out while the appeal is pending.

Depay also had a quite viral insta post about Mendy after he was acquitted in his case.

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