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Hope there is nothing in this.
Banning Ivan Toney and the Newcastle lad was harsh but the policy is a warning to others.
Players with gambling problems are inevitable at any level of sport. The hypocrisy of having gambling companies accounting for most shirt sponsors and then scapegoating players instead of helping them is blatant.
These stories only pop up whenever Man City express an interest in Paqueta.

The other rumour is that hangers-on have access to his bank account.
One of the four was deffo not a booking IMO

Here's the 4 of them all clipped up

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The handball was pretty blatant and stupid. Deep into injury time
The disputable one is stopping the breakaway attack foul v Leeds. Not blatant or violent just a regular part of play.

I hate the gambling industry. They are to blame for shit like this - fuck 'em.
The football authorities are total hypocrites on this.
'member when you could get out of trouble by just saying "A.B.U."?

Seems to have changed now. There was two lads here in Millwall clobber roaring United on.

On the other screen, something Scottish happened.
Idah scored late Cup Final winner for Celtic v Rangers! Celts were a bit lucky.

Man Utd played well City didn't really turn up for whatever reason.
Hopefully Utd. hierarchy are foolish enough to keep Ten Hag on now!

Barca v Lyon are 21 mins. into Women's European Champions League Final in Bilbao. 55,000 capacity crowd mostly Barca supporters.
Lyon have started the better.
Leverkusen 1-0 Kaiserslautern in DfB Cup Final in Berlin.
Missed first half as I was watching Women's CL Final.
Leverkusen had red card at end of first half but easily saw off KFC who never looked like scoring.

Noticeably after the whistle there was none of this awful garbage loud shit music you usually get nowadays. And the fans singing is all you can hear for about 15 mins. until presentation started. Leverkusen getting trophy now. Lots of crap music kicking in now.
Fair play to Kaiserslautern for getting to final.

Barca women beat Lyon 2-0 in front of full stadium in Bilbao - about 90% Barca fans.
Lyon hit the post in first half but their finishing was awful when they did create chances.
Fortuna Dusseldorf 0-3 Bochum (3-3 on agg!!!!) a.e.t. in Bundesliga promotion / relegation playoff.

Dusseldorf finished 120 mins stronger after blowing it for most of match.
Pens. just about to begin!
Bochum 6-5 on pens. stay up.
Dusseldorf missed two pens.
Total disaster for Dusseldorf.
Total disaster
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Armaral (1954 - 31 May 2024)
40 times capped (1975-81) Brazilian defender who played all 7 matches in 1978 World Cup, when Brazil were not far off winning the tournament.
Armaral was suffering with cancer.
This must have been just announced this morning as I can't find much info.
Sorry I spelled Amaral wrong - twice.
1979 Rangers skit. They don't do due diligence before signing a talented young lad.
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The scout later played Rab C. Nesbit. In one episode of that show they went to watch Scotland at Italia 90 and filmed some stuff inside the Genoa stadium at the Costa Rica match

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