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    Web Server / Web Service

    Would something like Amazon CloudFront do the job i.e. data storage and data delivery?
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    Web Server / Web Service

    Sorry about the crap question. Basically I'm looking for something that will host information / files that can be accessed and used by another site. Is it a case of simply hosting a website and somehow not making it open to the public. I havent really a clue. I believe a web service is...
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    Web Server / Web Service

    Yo, Can someone reccomend me an awesome online web server? Also, can someone tell me what the story is with Web Service? I havent a clue what you do with it / if it costs / if some are better than others / their compatability. Apologies if these questions are gammy and are simple / obvious to...
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    Whats the fastest your computer has ever logged into Thumped?

    I just a 0.049 seconds there !ninjaaaa
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    IMRO Limited Online Exploitation Licence

    No amount of songwriting workshops are going to save you now IMRO.
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    Thumped Kru Choonz.

    Cheers :)
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    Thumped Kru Choonz.
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    The Whatmans win Indie Week Ireland

    Who whats the Whatmans....
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    NAMA - WTF??

    Up to 70% pay increase for NAMA board members three months into their jobs. Fuck sake.
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    Barking fucking dogs

    Maybe Dog the Bounty Hunter?
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    Marina & the Diamonds

    'sake lads, We're only suppose to judge her on good songs. That's the only song I've heard of hers but it's fuuuuucking terrible.
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    A Gig for Haiti - this Friday in The Village

    Plump This is tonight. Sure come down if your out and about. It's over at half ten so you still have the rest of the night to get up to something eg. murder a hooker.
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    best heckle?

    Yer man that shouted play "Peace Train ye bollox" to Cat Stevens in the O2 was pretty amazing. I also heard that when the guy who wrote and starred in Fatal Deviation held a questions and answers session after a screening of his movie in Trinity College the first question was "You're really...
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    Does anyone know this Ben I'm looking for?

    Dont forget "Ben Dover's Filthy First Timers"