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    cat maintenance.

    it's not tape; they just hate having things put on their backs. As a nipper I knitted my cat a cat coat and upon placing said cat coat on the cat's, eh, coat, he proceeded to slink around like that, so cat coat had to be recycled into a teddy scarf, or similar.
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    Feeding the birds

    The poor auld birds can't get at the ground at the moment and it's a good ID to put some food out for them. I've been making up a mix of lard, raw nuts, seeds, raisins and cheese for them and leaving it out - it's going down a fatty treat. You can also leave pieces of apple, bacon, cheese...
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    Congratulations to the latest Thumped Daddy!

    Aha! My suspicions were correct, if my suspicions are correct. Said wife is a regular, if I am correct, and was conspicuous by her absence yesterday, leading me to think she'd gone off to have the babby. Yay! Big congrats!
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    Day Spas in/around Dubs?

    Dublin is nicht sehr gut for spas - decent ones need a lot of room (expensive) and ideally, the water the name implies. Mandala on Dawson street is nicer than Buff but quite pokey, the Four Seasons might be the nicest in fancy-terms but pricey. If she'll countenance it, maybe look to the Espa at...
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    An empty inbox is a beautiful thing

    Holy shit. An EMPTY inbox? I have about 5 email addresses, all of them work-related and all chock-a-block with unread email. I easily get a couple of hundred pieces a day. Had to buy more gmail space.
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    MBV ATP - any reports?

    Actually My Bloody Valentine can kiss my shiny metal ass. Zed zed zed you only need to see them once because THEY ARE THE EXACT SAME EACH TIME. Four times in my life is now my 100% limit. Oh - and the My Holeacaust is just the most wanky thing ever, anyone who says otherwise is in denial, and...
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    What's the most you'd pay for a pair of shoes?

    oh I think the most expensive ones I have are some marc by marc jacobs ones. I'll happily shell over a couple of hundred but in general it's a mathematical formula which involves: do i like them? if yes, check price then do I REALLY like them? if yes buy else don't.
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    maynooth/celbridge/leixslip restaurants

    that's Maynooth buh I'd go for the village at Lyons, personal like
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    maynooth/celbridge/leixslip restaurants

    Celbridge: the Village at Lyons Leixlip: Becketts Maynooth: Moyglare Manor
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    Your blog.

    My blog just launched a book. Is that ok to say on the 'your blog' thread, or have I now broken the internets with analogue inclusions?
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    biggest irish web boards

    rollercoaster and weddingsonline are huge but I'm guessing yisssersre not interested in them.
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    For fashionistas - the Sartorialist

    and by long booked I mean since last week. my attention span is short.
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    For fashionistas - the Sartorialist

    oh my seat is long booked.
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    lol objects

    I like this thread. and this