SlowPlaceLikeHome – There Go The Lights Again

SlowPlaceLikeHome – There Go The Lights Again

[vimeo 48318018]

From Parnell Sq (outside Hugh Lane Gallery) to Dollymount Strand, Dublin. Featuring Julian Opie’s ‘Suzanne Walking In Leather Skirt’ 2006.

For the past few years, Suzanne has been walking on the same spot in Dublin. 24 hours a day, everyday. In the dead of night, I felt it was only right to send her (and companions) on a journey.

I shot, animated and edited with a Canon EOS 500D, Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro X.


And it snuck on up and dived,
Beneath the heap of,
those sycophantic lies,
to all the people.
The black lawn and the stars,
above the steeple.
Will run away and hide,
without upheaval.
Those lessons can’t deny,
where thoughts and dreams go.
Derision and desire, has made them evil.
Your questions that were lined,
with sound demeanor
Would crack up on return,
to talk to people.

sing it, love it, break them but don’t throw it.
feel it, prelude, alors, la fin!

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